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The MusicEditorFree Workspace

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The MusicEditorFree workspace can contain several audio editing windows, CD projects or Cleaning Wizard projects.



The MusicEditorFree workspace


The figure above shows the MusicEditorFree workspace with an audio editing window. The elements indicated with the red arrows are explained below:



1. The main toolbar with short cut icons for commonly used commands.


2. An audio editing window containing the audio file "Beethoven.wma". The audio is visualized with a curve corresponding to the recorded audio (see Time Domain).


info Time Domain

The normal wave plot shown when making a recording in MusicEditorFree is a time domain representation of the signal. When recording, MusicEditorFree has taken samples of the signal at certain intervals, quantized them, and stored them as series of digitized values. The wave plot is the result of drawing these samples on the screen with the time evolving along the horizontal axis.


3. A selected region indicated with yellow curve on a white background (colors depend on your system settings). The current cursor position is indicated by a blinking line.


4. The quick command bar. You can perform various operations with audio data.


5. The region list window.


6. Time Domain.


7. The navigation toolbar for recording, playback and cursor positioning.


8. The bar indicating the selected region, the viewed region and the cursor position. During processing, the progress is displayed in the status bar.


9. The output level meters show the current output level during audio playback.