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General Audio Concepts
Create, Open and Save audio files
Play, Record, Move and Selecting Regions
Convert Sample Rate and Channels
Connecting Your Stereo Equipment
Connecting a Tape Deck (Cassette Tape)
Connecting a Record Player (LP)
Connecting a Record Player through an Amplifier
Connecting a Record Player Directly
Record Control
Concepts of Digital Audio
The Decibel Unit (dB)
Recording Through the Sound Card
Timer Record
Advanced Recording Options
How To...
Record Quick Tour
How To Connect
Connecting the source
Setting the volume
Recording Internet broadcasts (streaming audio)
Recording Live Performances
Convert home study courses from tape to CD
Importing Audio Tracks from CDs
Basic Audio Editing
The MusicEditorFree Workspace
Loading Audio Files
Saving Audio Files
Playing a Recording
Selecting Regions
Selecting Channels
Waveform Editing Interface
Zooming and Scrolling
Operations With Mouse
Editing using the Clipboard
Bookmarks and Regions Operation
Bookmarks and Regions
Batch Converter
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