As top priority suggested by technician, HotDisc DVD Copy also empowers you to preview DVD videos with a built-in media player. A preview window is provided on the right to play the whole DVD or the selected title. With a draggable slider, you can easily view the entire disc and decide which part to rip.

Additionally, the previewer allows you to take snapshots directly from your movie during playback, which means you can go to any point within a video clip, capture a freeze frame picture and save this image to your hard drive.

So if you find some scenes attractive, just snapshots them (clicking the snapshot button in the preview window) and save them to JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP format. Now you can use them as your wallpaper or upload them to your mobile phone and blog to share with friends.


1. Preview DVD Video

HotDisc DVD Copy provides a real-time preview window to play the whole DVD or the selected title.

2. Snapshot

This functional program enables you to take a snapshot of the scene displayed in the preview window and save it as wallpaper of your computer.