Teaching You How to Pick Out the Best Video Converter Software

There are numerous video converter providers in the market. If we enter “video converter” in Google search, we will get multiple results and each video converter is wrapped with a flashy descriptions. So, which video converter should we choose and what kinds of features are most needed in an excellent video converter? How much do you know about video converter before make the final choice? I’ve tested many video converters available in the market and sum up some points that should be considered that when picking out the best video converter software.


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Things to Consider when Pick out the Best Video Converter Software

1. Supported Formats

This is absolutely the first thing to consider to choose the best video converter software. When you choose a video converter, you certainly hope that it will convert any video you input to the very format you want. The more video formats the video converter supports, the more possible it will become your choice.

2. Video Quality

There should be some frequently used quality settings for various usages. Of course, perfect audiovisual synchronization is important as well as the lossless output quality.

3. High Speed

Spending much time on video conversion is undoubtedly not what people want. So owning a fast speed makes a video converter popular among the like products. And often supporting multithreading and batch conversion makes a video converter faster and handier. It’s even better if the multicore processor is supported.

4. Professional settings

If you a professional video converter user, you may not be satisfied with the default settings and want to set the precise parameters by yourself, such as bit rate, frame rate, channel and more. Then a customization function for the parameter setting should be available.

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