How to Record Audio?


Music Editor Free is an excellent and efficient audio editing and audio production tool for home users. It’s fully loaded to do everything from the simplest recording and editing to the most sophisticated audio processing, restoration, enhancements, and conversions. It has the ability to record audio visually with high quality. What’s more, it allows you to edit the recorded audio file by cutting, copying, etc. and adding audio effects to make recorded music more wonderful.

Download the Music Editor Free through the link below and Save the file to your desktop:


Download Now – It’s Free


Step 1. Activate audio recorder window

Launch Music Editor Free. Click “New Record” to select recorder sample rate & channel and click “OK” to activate audio recorder window.


Activate Audio Recorder Window


Step 2. Select a suitable recording device & recording mixer

Choose a suitable recording device and recording mixer from “Stereo Mix”, “CD volume” “Line In” and “Mic Volume”. You can adjust the volume and balance.


Select a Suitable Recording Device & Recording Mixer


Step 3. Start recording

Click “Record” button to start recording. When recording is finished, the recorded audio file will automatically be input the waveform window. Now,you can save the recording as an audio file. Choose an output format, preset the output quality or specify the configuration parameters.


Start Recording


Step 4. Save the changes

Now click the “Save” button if you would like to change your source file. You can also click the black arrow under the “Save” button to select the necessary option:

  • Save File to save all the changes to the source file;
  • Save File As… to save the edited audio track with a different file name and/or location;
  • Save Selection As… to save just the highlighted selection to a file.


Save the Changes

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