What is an Audio Editor for?

An audio editor is a computer program that allows a person to digitally manipulate sound files in a variety of ways. This type of audio editor can often apply special effects to a track, help edit the running time, adjust the output levels and mixing, and also convert the file type. There are a number of different editors available performing all or some of these jobs, many coming as a free download.


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Special effects available on an audio editor can cover a wide swath of results. Noise reduction options are popular filters that remove audible hiss and distortion commonly associated with home recordings. Adding echo, reverb or tremelo to audio files can improve depth and fullness in a track that sounds thin. Speed and pitch adjustments are also common tools found with a sound editor program and allow the track to be sped up or slowed down.

Digitally editing the track is a big component of an audio editor. Most programs show the audio peaks and valleys of a song using a visual chart. With these cues, a song can be cut and trimmed using editing tools. Tracks can be shortened, entire sections can be removed and parts can be pasted into new positions. This tool allows for remixes that can create entirely new works from previously existing sound files.

An audio editor also gives the user an opportunity to dial in the sound mix perfectly. A mixing board tool allows the computer audio editor to boost the high frequencies of a song, lower the bottom end or level out any inconsistent sound elements. This tool looks and operates similarly to a professional mixing board with many sliders corresponding to particular audio options, allowing for a perfect balance to be created.

Many audio editing programs allow file conversion as well. More often, the audio files can be changed to the more readily used MP3 format without losing any content or quality. Many times this is necessary because some music players do not accept non-MP3 tracks.

Audio editing programs come with a diverse collection of options and tools. Some only focus on providing one or two tools, keeping operation simple and focused, and others provide the full range. In addition, editing software can be found as both free downloads and for purchase online.

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